Could Someone You Know Use a Little Nudge to Get a Cancer Screening?

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Highmark Can Help

When many cancers are caught early, the survival rate is 90%, and with Highmark, most cancer screenings are 100% covered. We all have people in our lives who put off, procrastinate and avoid addressing their own health. That’s why we’re here to give you a hand in giving the ones you love a little nudge to get themselves screened with Highmark’s online Nudge Kit. So let’s get nudging! Explore the site below or download our screening guide here.

Your Nudge Kit

Sure, you can needle and nag someone to get screened for cancer, but what’s fun about that? From prewritten social nudges to custom nudge videos, you’ll find all the tools to calmly and cleverly deliver subtle (and not-so-subtle) nudges. Happy nudging!

Video Nudge-O-Gram

Maybe you’ve been dropping hints, you may have even had “the talk” with your loved one about cancer screenings. Well, it’s time to step up your game and send them a custom video from a pirate, a cute kitty or another one of our characters—you can even upload your own pic and put a fun voice on it. Either way you go, your nudge will be felt. Get started below and have fun.

  • Choose Photo
  • Add Message
  • Send Nudge

Select a Mouth

Upload another photo
Step 2

Select a Message

  • Sergeant’s Nudge
  • Cat’s Meow
  • The Riot Act
  • Doggie Treat
  • Brawny Banter
  • Outer Space Salutation
  • Rodeo Request
  • Majestic Message
  • Pirate’s Plea
  • Puppet’s Plan
  • Hostess with the Mostest
  • Transylvania Talk
  • No Frills

Create another Nudge-O-Gram

Step 3

Share your nudge!

Create another Nudge-O-Gram

Downloadable Nudges

There are all kinds of ways to nudge someone into a cancer screening. Here are a bunch of ideas to print out, customize and strategically place so your target will get your drift.

Social Nudges

Take your nudge game public with a well-timed social nudge. Choose a message and customize it to make it your own, or leave it as is. Once your nudge hits their social feeds, don’t be surprised if it goes viral and friends and followers join in the nudging.

Cancer Facts
You Need
to Know

Why You Need to Get Screened

Up to 40% of men and women will be affected by cancer
When caught early, many cancers have a survival rate of 90%
1 in 3 people are late in getting screened for cancer

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Download your screening plan
    • Know what screenings are right for you — and your loved ones.
  2. 2
  3. Contact your doctor
    • Make an appointment to discuss what screenings you need.
    • Don’t have a doctor? Find a Doctor
    • Highmark member? Call My Care Navigator 1-888-BLUE-428 for help in finding doctors and scheduling appointments.
  4. 3
  5. Get a medical order from your doctor
    • Ask for a medical order or prescription for the screenings you need.

Highmark covers most preventive cancer screenings at 100%

Highmark plans cover a variety of cancer screenings, including ones that just might save your life.
  • Colon: Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths. Get screened once a year (if 50 or older) and reduce your risk of getting cancer.
  • Breast: Mammograms including 3-D scans are the most important screening test for breast cancer. If you’re a woman over 40, get screened every year or as recommended by your doctor (may include breast cancer genetic screening per doctor's advice).
  • Lung: This is most important for smokers and former smokers older than 55.
  • Other cancer screenings: Either covered at 100 percent (Pap tests for cervical cancer) or according to the cost-sharing rules of your specific plan.

Access to Top Quality Cancer Care

When it comes to beating cancer, Highmark is committed to changes that remove barriers, transform how care is delivered, and advocate for its members. We are proud to offer high-quality health systems for cancer care, like Allegheny Health Network (AHN) in western Pennsylvania.

Other important preventive screenings are fully covered by your plan.
Learn about heart screenings